The Ultimate Guide To Timepieces

Know Before You Buy:
The Ultimate Guide
To Timepieces

If you are ready to buy your first timepiece or update your current collection, you know that there are many factors to take into consideration. You can never go wrong with this timeless accessory, whether for a gift or personal use.  With this guide, we’ve got you covered! To help you make the best decision, we’ll break down everything you need to find the perfect timepiece – for you or whoever you want.

Are timepieces a good investment?

Timepiece Investment
Timepieces have unrivaled quality standards that set them apart from regular watches.  These timepieces are produced with the best raw materials and assembled with methods that meticulously take into account every detail of their components. Therefore, the watches are much more long-lasting.
Luxury Timepieces

Is it worth buying luxury timepieces?

Every luxury timepiece is crafted to the highest standards. Each watch is thoughtfully designed to outline its benefits, including exclusive coloring, high-quality material, and a tip-top shape. 

Furthermore, the hands of the timepiece move with a fluid sweep, which indicates an excellent caliber and makes the watch serve a functional purpose. 
So, in fewer words, the answer is: yes.
Men`s Timepiece

Are timepieces considered jewelry?

Depending on the style of the watch, there are luxury watches that can be considered jewelry. Some options have dazzling gemstones and more expressive aesthetic characteristics. Regardless, a luxury watch will be a more refined and sophisticated option rather than a usual watch.
Diamond Timepieace

Which timepiece suits me best?

There are different types of watches to choose from, depending on your needs. Timepieces can have straps made of leather or metal in different colors. The watch's metal tones can vary between copper, gold, and silver. 

The crystal  – a transparent cover for the watch's dial – is made of glass, synthetic Sapphire, or plastic. The dial can be made with different design patterns in metal and even gemstone sets.
You can also choose a timepiece for its aesthetic features or type of movement.

Which luxury watch should I buy?

Buying a luxury watch requires some know-how because it’s a big purchase. Not only do these machines have different components, but they also have to match your style. To help you look your best, here is a roundup of the key features of some brands of luxury watches.
Ball Watch

BALL Watch

BALL Watch is one of the most respected timepiece brands in the United States. A BALL Watch keeps pace with the shifting consumer patterns and continues to establish quality in its various collections.

Quite avant-garde in terms of design, BALL Watches continue to serve the industrial function, which is the founding spirit of the brand. The founder settled every detail in his quest for precision timing.
Carl F. Bucherer Timepiece

Carl F. Bucherer

Progression and independence are hallmarks of Carl F. Bucherer, as is the infectious dynamism that has always placed the brand decisively ahead of its time. 

Blending tradition and novelty, their timepieces unite beautifully crafted filigree jewelry with watchmaking of the highest standard. A Carl F. Bucherer's watch is a perfect choice if you are a modern and sleek person.
Locman Timepiece


Locman watches are built to last thanks to the dedication of watchmakers, designers, and engineers whose professionalism and knowledge are reflected in the timepieces. 

The quality of the design and the use of innovative materials make Locman's timepieces a must for trendy and modern people.
Michele Timepieces


Michele timepieces are a must for those who like to combine luxury with a glamorous style. Famous for interchangeable straps, Michele's watches show off a timeless yet elegant accessory by showcasing sparkling hand-set diamond cases and mother of pearl dials.

This timepiece blends classic and contemporary features that stand out. The different collections are not just sophisticated, but very well made.
Perrelet Timepiece


Perrelet watches embody a new modernity in a spirit of sportiness and distinction. Far from being casual, these watches are one of the most innovative accessories in terms of technical excellence and modern design. 

The expert watchmakers keep up with the trends, ensuring they can create unique timepieces that perfectly match anyone's personality.

Where to buy fashion jewelry in Colts Neck, NJ?

J. Vincent Jewelers offers a fantastic collection of timepieces in Colts Neck, New Jersey. Our selection of luxury watches has several options for choosing the one that best suits your personality.
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