Jewelry Services in Colts Neck, NJ

We offer top rated jewelry services in Colts Neck, NJ. We specialize in jewelry repair, appraisals, engraving

Jewelry Appraisals


Pearl Restringing

What makes pearls so popular is not just their simple elegance and classic style, but also their ability to be passed down through family as timeless heirlooms.

Whether a bracelet or a necklace, it’s important not to neglect these precious pieces by having them restrung every five years. Our experts can work with both graduated or multi strands.

Let us bring your pearl pieces back to new. Call us today to speak with one of our staff experts.

Laser Inscription

Our laser inscription service not only personalizes your diamonds, gemstones and pearls, but also serves as a very secure form of identification. The miniature inscriptions can only be viewed under magnification providing you with added peace of mind.
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Personal Engraving

We are pleased to offer engraving services to our customers. Personalizing your gift of fine jewelry adds to its significance and meaning. Wedding bands can be personalized either inside or out to permanently celebrate your special day.

Whether your engraved message includes a monogram, date, poem, special message or a unique symbol, our engravers can work with you to personalize your gift.
Both machine and hand engraving are available. We can engrave in script or block, in a variety of fonts, languages and symbols.



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