The Basics Of Watch Repairs

The Basics Of Watch Repairs

Timepieces are such special pieces of jewelry for both men and women because they don’t only tell the time. They do so while also making you look perfectly put together, and like an  organized person who’s always on top of their game and prepared for any of the professional challenges that life presents us with. 

Why taking care of your watch is so important

With the right watch, you’re equipped with the fanciest accessory to compose and upgrade your look in a matter of seconds - while also conveying to the world that you’re a responsible, reliable person who inspires trust. At J. Vincent, we know how important timepieces are.

Therefore, we’ve put together this guide so that you can better understand the best ways to take care of your watches, while also being in the loop about the most common watch fixes. The goal is to inform you about how to treat these precious pieces - and what to do if you ever need them fixed.

But first, what kind of fixes do jewelers do?

Fortunately, the most common issues that need repairing when it comes to your valuable jewelry pieces can be easily fixed by a jewelry  expert. It’s important you trust the right experts to do so, since it demands detailed accuracy. Most common jewelry repairs include, but are not limited to:
Watch Repair

• Ring resizing
• Prong repair and replacement
• Jewelry remounting
• Gemstone and diamond replacement or upgrading
• Pearl restringing
• Bracelet and necklace clasp replacement
• Chain repair, lengthening, and shortening
• Ring shank soldering
• Jewelry refinishing and revitalization 
• Routine cleaning and polishing
• And of course,
watch repairs

How can professional jewelers take care of your watches?

Professional jewelers can help you keep your jewelry and timepieces looking spotless by repairing anything from everyday wear and tear to severe damage. Usually, luxury watch brands will advise you to leave your watch maintenance only to them, which sometimes limits your options and may be a hard choice.

But if you take your watch to a trusted jeweler, s/he will make sure that you get quality service and expertise that can be applied to many different timepiece brands - including luxury ones.

Watch repairs can range from quick battery changes to full overhauls. Here’s an overview of the most common watch repair services:
Watch Resizing

• Watch Band replacement
• Battery and strap replacement 
• Cleaning and polishing
• Watch glass replacement
• Watch dial restoration
• Time accuracy and water-resistance testing
• Dial, crystal, and bezel repair or replacement
Leather Timepiece

Examples of common watch repair services offered by us

We understand that your watches are incredibly valuable pieces of jewelry to you, so if they break, you should only trust them to the best and most respectable experts. Because we love what we do, we specialize in fixing - as well as maintaining - all kinds of pieces of jewelry for our clients.

We specialize in fixing services that also include maintaining your precious accessories, such as complimentary cleaning, expert evaluation and repair, full spectrum metal working, polishing of worn and damaged gems, antique and silver refurbishing, and eyeglass frame repair, including titanium frames.

Why choose J. Vincent to have your watches repaired in Colts Neck, NJ

The most important thing to us is to make sure that our clients trust in us to take care of their jewelry, even after they've purchased them. That's why we take excellent care of your pieces for you, the whole time. Let us take care of your accessories and jewelry pieces. 

J. Vincent is your go-to store for purchasing jewelry and maintaining it with repairs and care. We guarantee you won't be looking for another jeweler for your repair services.
J Vincent Jewelry
In addition, we are experienced in providing full spectrum metal working, including platinum, gold, silver, or even a combination of different metals. So, whether it be to polish your metal watch, refurbish your silver, or even to fix the glass of your case, you can always count on us to fix whatever issues you may have with your timepieces.
We're just a phone call away, at (732) 256-4410 - or, if you prefer, a message away if you chat with us by visiting our website at You can also visit our jewelry services section of our website for detailed information on the wide array of our services. 

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