Everything You Need to Know About Diamond Shapes

Everything You Need to Know About Diamond Shapes

Diamonds are enticing stones that keep us wanting more. They are valuable because they are one-of-a-kind stones. These gemstones can represent significant life events and are frequently associated with special occasions.
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There are many differences between diamonds, and we want to make selecting one as simple as possible. So, we've put together this guide to help you learn more about diamond shapes and choose the best diamond for your jewelry needs!

Is there a distinction between a diamond
shape and a diamond cut?

diamond cut

You may come across the terms diamond cut and shape when looking for a high-quality diamond. Understanding them can be helpful when searching for diamond pieces.

The main distinction between diamond shape and diamond cut is that shape refers to the diamond's external appearance. In contrast, cut refers to the level of quality and refinement with which a diamond has been cut and its ability to reflect light. When purchasing diamonds, it is crucial to prioritize shape and cut to get a great diamond. 

What diamond shape is the  most popular?

diamond shapes

The most popular diamond shapes are round, radiant, princess, pear, oval, marquise, heart, emerald, and asscher. 

Because it is more traditional and well-known, the round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular shape for diamond engagement rings and other jewelry. This diamond has an elegant and classic appearance that many people appreciate.

What is the most beautiful diamond shape? 

Your preference and style will determine which diamond shape is best for you. So, to get you inspired, here are some characteristics of each diamond shape:


The round diamond is a traditional shape. Round diamonds have conquered the jewelry world due to their one-of-a-kind fire, brilliance, and sparkle, making them a classic option for engagement rings. The signature circular shape arranges numerous facets, allowing your jewelry to sparkle like a star. Another feature worth mentioning is the extra shine provided by the round shape.


Radiant cut diamonds perfectly blend the best parts of a round brilliant cut diamond and an emerald cut diamond, with glittering sparkle and angular drama.


This iconic shape is square or rectangular in shape. It is considered a gorgeous and brilliant option, particularly for those looking to make a statement with sophistication and elegance. If you want a stone that resembles royalty, this shape is ideal!


As the name implies, the oval diamond's elongated silhouette exudes a captivating brilliance and distinct fire. The oval shape may be ideal if you want a super elegant, modern option that can even elongate the wearer's finger.


The Marquise diamond shape resembles a boat with pointed ends. This option can even give the appearance of a larger diamond, adding style and class to any outfit.


The pear diamond shape refers to stones with a teardrop-shaped outline, which a silhouette can distinguish with a pointed end and another rounded end. It combines the classic round cut diamond and the marquise shape to create an enchanting and lovely design.


A heart-shaped diamond has two rounded edges separated by a cleft on one end and a point on the other, resembling the iconic heart. Its symbolism is very dreamy, which makes it ideal for romantic brides.


Asscher cut diamonds have a clean look, visual appeal, and a vintage elegance that many brides-to-be appreciate. The brilliant style facet arrangement is vibrant and dazzling, and the vintage-style can elegantly mimic antique designs.

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