What Is The Most Expensive Diamond Cut?

What factors into the most expensive diamond cut? There are four C’s of diamonds: cut, clarity, carat and color. While all are important, the biggest single expense factor is the cut. And as to which cut is the most expensive, generally it is the round brilliant cut.

Grades of Diamond Cuts

Cutting a rough diamond is the work required to impact light performance to determine a diamond’s sparkle.

There are four cut grades assigned by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

  • Excellent is the highest grade, representing 3% of all diamonds in the world. These precisely cut stones offer the maximum sparkle and brilliance.
  • Very Good captures most of a diamond’s potential.
  • Good captures light and may offset any light leakage by being cut to achieve a particular look or style.
  • Fair and poor are avoided for purposes of sparkling jewelry.

Types of Diamond Cuts

The Most Expensive Diamond Cut

The most expensive cut of all is the round brilliant. This is the most expensive cut for two reasons. The first is because there is so much waste in shaping the rough diamond into its round shape. There are 57 facets that are perfected to exact calculations. One slip can ruin a diamond.

An excellent brilliant cut round diamond reflects light optimally. About 95% of diamonds end up as brilliant cuts. There is an approximately 50-60% polishing loss when creating a brilliant cut, which is why this cut is so expensive.

There is a variation of the brilliant cut, which is a Royal 201, which has 144 extra facets; this makes it truly dazzle.

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