What Are Mens Wedding Bands Made Of?

When purchasing men’s wedding bands, it is important to know what they are made of. Usually, men’s wedding bands don’t always get the same attention as the women’s ones. Knowing different metals that make up the ring, will help you narrow down your choices and buy something that appeals to your style. Here are some common metals that make men’s wedding bands;

Gold Wedding Bands

Gold has always been the most popular metal used to make men wedding bands. Whether in yellow, white, or rose color, a golden wedding band looks stunning. Gold bands are usually measured in karats to denote their purity. The higher the karats, the higher the gold’s purity and the band’s quality.

Platinum Wedding Bands

Platinum is another precious metal used to make men’s wedding bands. Platinum is a highly valuable metal and the quality of the band remains high as well. The band’s color can be silver-white or as malleable as gold. In this case, you can decide on the one that fits you best.

Titanium Wedding Bands

Titanium has continued to gain attention and popularity as a choice for men’s wedding bands. Its lightweight and strength make it comfortable to wear. This may be a good option for men who tend to live very active lifestyles.

Silver Wedding Bands

Silver wedding bands are quite affordable to most men. Silver is one of the most inexpensive metals used to make men’s wedding bands. While the price is favorable, silver wedding bands will require frequent cleaning and polishing due to their tendency to tarnish fast.

Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten bands exhibit high strength and are resistant to scratches. Bands made of tungsten are therefore well fit for men who are involved in a lot of manual work. The metal is precious and rarely tarnishes.

Palladium Wedding Bands

Palladium men wedding bands are lightweight and comfortable. Palladium is a hypoallergenic metal and free of nickel. The band is usually shiny and has a white hue.

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