Personalize Your Jewelry With These Hand or Laser Engraving Ideas

Personalize Your Jewelry With Hand or Laser Engraving

We are proud to offer both hand and machine engraving services to personalize your engagement ring and other fine jewelry.

Personalizing jewelry that is already existing or that you plan to give as a gift will add to its significance and meaning. Wedding bands can be personalized either inside or out to permanently celebrate your special day.Whether your engraved message includes a monogram, date, poem, special message or a unique symbol, our engravers can work with you to personalize your gift with both machine and hand engraving are available. We can engrave in script or block, in a variety of fonts, languages and symbols.

Adding a sentimental custom engraved message to the inside of your engagement ring or wedding band is great way to add extra meaning to your bridal jewelry and even share a message that’s just between you and your partner.

When you trust us to add a custom message to your bridal jewelry, each engraving is executed by a master craftsman, expertly trained in the art of engraving. Hand engraving especially is a skill that few jewelers learn to master, but when performed professionally, can yield spectacular results. Engraving can add a personal touch to an already special possession.

It is important to note that most couples choose to engrave their message on the inside of the band so that it doesn’t take away from the beauty of the ring. While it is possible to engrave the outside of the ring, the message is likely to fade from wear over time.

Need inspiration before you engrave your jewelry? This post is for you!

A Special Date

You might consider getting a special date engraved to remind you of the day you met, when you fell in love, when you proposed, or when you plan to say “I do.” Wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or other milestones such as graduations are other popular occasions that we see often engraved on keepsake jewelry.

Initials to Hold Close

Concise and personal, initials are a wonderful sentiment to have engraved on the inside of a ring. The initials of your partner can be a simple and wonderful way to celebrate them while personalizing your ring. Make it even more special and have your initials engraved alongside theirs to symbolize an everlasting bond with your future husband or wife.

A Sweet Message

Having a ring engraved is a wonderful opportunity to write a special message in stone – or precious metal rather. Perhaps you have a special nickname for your loved one you’d like that forever written in time, or a special saying you share together. Even a simple ‘I Love You’ can be a beautiful reminder to share with someone.

Here are some other sayings we’re fond of:

‘Let’s Grow Old Together’

‘Forever + Always’

‘All My Love’

‘Eternally Yours’

‘My Love, My Life’

‘Cross My Heart’

An Inside Joke

Since the inside of your engagement ring or wedding band is such an unseen place, this is the perfect place to make use of that joke or story that’s just between the two of you. A ring is a small piece of real estate, so start thinking how to express that sentiment in as few characters as possible!

Whatever you choose to engrave on your ring, rest assured our team here at J. Vincent Jewelers is trained in the art of hand engraving will beautifully personalize your jewelry. Engraving is your opportunity to turn your world class jewelry into a one-of-a-kind treasure, with the perfect personal touch.

Laser Engraving

Our laser inscription service not only personalizes your diamonds, gemstones and pearls, but also serves as a very secure form of identification. The miniature inscriptions can only be viewed under magnification providing you with added peace of mind.

Custom Engagement Rings

Our collection of engagement rings in Colts Neck offers gorgeous customizable options from ring design to center stone to crafting and delivery. If you would like a totally custom designed engagement ring, our jewelry designers can work with you to create a piece that is incomparably yours. Whether you’re starting from scratch or working with diamonds and gemstones that have been passed down through the family, we can take your dream and make it a reality. Learn more about our process here.

Even More Jewelry Services

Our commitment to building trust and dependability with our customers includes being there beyond the sale. Whether you need a new clasp on a bracelet, a ring sized, or a diamond set, you can always count on us to assist you with your service needs. Learn more here.


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