Is Rose Gold Too Trendy For An Engagement Ring?

An engagement ring is supposed to symbolize love, commitment, and a lifelong promise. Therefore, deciding what kind of engagement ring to purchase can be an anxiety-inducing process. And when there are plenty of engagement ring trends coming and going, the decision can only seem that much more impossible.

One wildly popular trend that has taken over the world of jewelry in the past few years is rose gold. But some buyers worry about this trend’s longevity and whether the style could become tacky over time. So the question is: Is rose gold a timeless classic? Or is it yet another passing fad?

What Exactly Is Rose Gold?

Even though the hype surrounding rose gold might seem recent, it’s actually been around since the early 19th century. In Russia, famed jeweler Peter Carl Faberge was the first to use the blend (or alloy) of yellow gold, copper, and silver for his Faberge eggs. Rose gold is pretty durable, especially when compared to pure gold, and is less likely to scratch or dent due to its alloyed nature. Rose gold also ranges in composition with some variations only including gold and copper, resulting in a more reddish appearance. However, a more subtle blush color is created with the addition of silver to the blend.

The History of Rose Gold

As mentioned before, rose gold debuted in Russia, but it didn’t take long for it to pick up steam in the United States. The Roaring Twenties brought with it a demand for the metal because of its unique appearance, and it was widely incorporated in fine jewelry and engagement rings at the time. Cartier played a key role in boosting sales of rose gold when it released its Trinity Ring in 1924, which famously features the metal. Since then, the popularity of rose gold has fluctuated.

Is Rose Gold Popular Today?

This blush-colored metal has a prominent history, and a tendency to reappear even after losing popularity. Many cite rose gold’s romantic pink hue, subtle appearance, and versatility as being the key reasons for its modern acclaim. Since the ’90s, rose gold has steadily gained a following due to its less traditional appearance. In 2016, the Pantone Institute named a shade resembling rose gold, referred to as Rose Quartz or Millennial Pink, as one of its colors of the year. Hues similar to rose gold can now be seen everywhere, and the metal itself has become prominent in the fashion world.

Is Rose Gold Too Trendy?

Rose gold has numerous qualities one might consider important when buying a big piece of jewelry. However, choosing an engagement ring is a decision based on personal style, so if rose gold is what you want, don’t worry about its trendy nature

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