Do All Diamond Earrings Have Screw Backs?

The earrings that you wear can have a lot of significance. Diamond earrings are one of the most popular types of jewelry, and they are usually seen as a symbol of eternal love. Diamonds aren’t usually created equal, though. One type is more valuable than the other. Many people are not aware that all diamond earrings do not have screw backs.

A common misconception is that the backs of the diamond earrings must be a particular type, such as a screw back. Screw backs are typically reserved for more expensive, higher-quality diamonds and gemstones. This is because the screws in the back help to secure and protect the stone from coming loose and falling out.

Why You Should Consider Diamond Earrings with Screw Backs

When buying diamond earrings, most people make the mistake of overlooking the type of back they have simply because of their design. Below are the advantages of buying diamond earrings with screw backs:


Nobody wants to lose their expensive diamond earrings because of a loose back. Diamond earrings with a screw back have a threaded post that allows the stud to coil up and secure the diamond stone. Although the screwing and unscrewing might be tedious, the screw backs keep your earrings safe for long periods or in highly active sessions.


The thick metal post prevents the diamond earring from wear and tear, which increases their durability. When properly maintained, screw backs last for years. However, avoid forcefully pushing the nut as it affects the post’s threading.

The bottom line is, not all diamond earrings have screw backs. So when buying diamond earrings, ensure you go for those with screw backs. Diamond earrings with screw backs are more secure and durable. Contact reputable diamond experts; J Vincent for all your diamond jewelry needs.