Can I Clean My Diamond Ring With Toothpaste?

Your engagement ring is a significant investment, so you need to keep it looking brand new. At the point when you notice your diamond ring is dull and comes up short on the gleaming splendor it once had, you will probably need to clean it, yet you likewise need to avoid harming your ring. There is a correct way and an incorrect method to clean a diamond ring and in this blog we will answer the common question “Can I Clean My Diamond Ring With Toothpaste?”.

Can I use toothpaste to clean my ring?

The short answer is no. Toothpaste is definitely not a good alternative for cleaning your ring. Toothpaste contains scrubbing particles to clean your teeth, however these particles are regularly harder than the metals in your ring, particularly gold or white gold. Utilizing toothpaste on your diamond ring could cause scratches or pitting in the metal. While toothpaste ordinarily will not harm the actual diamond itself, it could harm different stones in your ring or even the actual setting. Harm to the metal in the setting could extricate the valuable stones, making further harm the ring.

How should I clean my ring?

A superior method to clean your ring is to absorb it an answer of warm water and dish cleanser, at that point tenderly scrub it with a delicate toothbrush. It is critical to flush your ring very well in the wake of scouring it, in light of the fact that the cleanser could leave a film once it dries. It is additionally a smart thought to have your ring expertly cleaned at any rate once each year.

How would a professional clean my ring?

A jeweler will generally utilize a machine that uses ultrasonic waves to remove the dirt and build up on the ring. The jeweler may likewise hold the ring under a surge of steam to wipe the particles off of the ring. You can often pick the technique you would prefer them to utilize when cleaning your ring.

It is critical to have your ring expertly cleaned at any rate once every year to guarantee that difficult to reach grit is taken out and can’t harm the setting of your ring. In the event that you are keen on having your ring cleaned, get in touch with J Vincent Jewelers.