Are Halo Engagement Rings A Fad?

An engagement ring is not only the most special piece of jewelry you will ever buy, but it’s also one of the biggest investments you will ever make.

Just like with clothing or shoes, engagement ring styles change and become more or less popular over time. The halo style, a timeless classic, has remained popular over time, and even if you see more and more engagement rings with stones in other styles right now — like the pear-shaped cut — halo engagement rings have been popular for a long time and will continue to be. So never fear that you will buy a style that looks dated — in fact, halo engagement rings have passed the test of time to become a tried-and-true classic.

What’s a Halo Engagement Ring?

In simple terms, a halo engagement ring is one where the main diamond is surrounded by a “halo” of smaller diamonds. One of the reasons why many women love this style is because it provides the main stone an extra sparkle. And who wouldn’t want extra diamonds in their engagement ring instead of just one?

The extra sparkle and light the halo diamonds capture can make the main stone look larger.

What makes Halo Engagement Rings Unique?


Not only do halo engagement rings come with more diamonds, but also involve more time and effort in their making.

The smaller diamonds in a halo engagement ring have to be cut to custom-fit the main stone. You can’t just adjust any smaller diamond to a halo – it needs to be cut to fit the diameter of the main diamond on your engagement ring, so the proportions are correct.


Unlike other types of engagement rings, where the expectation is a band and a diamond, a halo engagement ring allows for more room to create a piece that is unique to your partner. You can use different diamond cuts and customize a halo on it. Your diamond doesn’t need to be circular for you to have a halo engagement ring.

Your center stone doesn’t even have to be a diamond.

One way to make your halo engagement ring truly special is to make the center stone something different. A precious gem, like a sapphire, will surely catch people’s eyes. We all remember Princess Diana’s engagement ring — a halo with a center sapphire. Her son, Prince William, gave the same engagement ring to Kate Middleton many decades after his mom received it. And guess what? It looked just as stunning in the 2000s as it did in the 80s.

You can make your ring with more than one halo, set the halo underneath your center stone instead of around it…there is a world of possibilities.

Should You Buy A Halo Engagement Ring?

Whether a halo engagement ring will be trendy or not shouldn’t really factor into your decision to buy an engagement ring. Are they going to be happy with it? Is she going to love it for years to come? Then, don’t worry about what other styles are popping up on your social media feed.

But even if you are worried, rest assured, we’ve made many brides’ dreams come true with our halo engagement rings for years.

Ready for your forever? Talk to an engagement ring specialist and let’s put a ring on it.