Engagement Stories

Jewelry is personal. Jewelry is an art form and should be as unique as you are.
We hope to make dreams come true.

Ashley & Andrew

“It was the Saturday before Easter and we decided to spend the day in a local beach town that we spent a lot of time in. 

After a quick lunch in one of favorite local spots, we headed to the boardwalk.

Once we arrive, Andrew asked if I wanted to take a quick walk on the beach – which should have tipped me off! He is never a beach lover, let alone during April. 

As we began to walk towards the ocean, he turned to me and proposed! Not only was the ring beautiful – it was exactly what I had always hoped for and more. And I was so surprised. 

Before I knew it my dad and brother were with us, snapping pictures of the special moment. Since it was a holiday weekend, were able to celebrate with all of our close friends and family. 

I later learned that Andrew went to J Vincent with my dad and worked with Joe and his team for weeks, making sure they perfected the ring for our special moment.”

Shannon & Dan

“I spent months helping to plan what i thought was a surprise party for Dan. I invited all of his friends and family to one of his favorite places as a kid; the Seaside boardwalk. The plan was to get him out of his family’s beach house for the day and keep him on the boardwalk. We were going to grab one last drink at the Sawmill and everyone was going to run outside to yell “SURPRISE!!!”. Well the joke was one me!

After the big surprise and happy birthday, i looked around to see my ENTIRE family there; along with some of my friends. Confused as to how some of these people even knew about this party I turned to Dan and he was on one knee. The party I had helped to plan for him was actually for me! It was the best surprise I’ve ever had.

We returned to the beach house with everyone after celebrating at the bar to an entire backyard of tables lit up with beautiful candles, lights and flowers. I wish we could do it all over again. He really got me good.”

Erin & John 

“It was a beautiful, crisp fall day in Paris. We spent a good part of the day waiting in line to get to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Once we were on the highest level we could see the entire city. Jonathan got down on one knee asking me to marry him with the most stunning engagement ring glistening in the setting sun. It was a proposal that dreams are made of along with the ring of my dreams and of course the man of my dreams!”

Katelyn & Chris

 “Chris and I decided to drive to the beach at Pier Village to go for a walk. Once we arrived, after a few minutes of walking, I stopped to look at the water – As I turned around, Chris was down on one knee and proposed. Our families were waiting at the nearby restaurant and were able to see the whole thing, and celebrate with us immediately after! It was the most perfect day.”

Lindsey & Doug

 “On January 11th, I thought I was going to go snap a few pics for my (now) fiancé’s sisters webpage. Doug asked to get in for a photo and then got down on one knee. I was caught off guard to say the least! There was even a drone recording the entire moment. The ring was exactly what I wanted. Doug’s experience with J Vincent Jewelers was nothing but positive. I can’t wait to go for myself and pick out our bands together!”

Michele & Kevin

“Kevin and I had been together for almost 10 years, so when I was going to his house for just a normal night of hanging out and relaxing, I didn’t have any idea he was going to propose. He got to his house before me which was weird because he worked until 5 and I was there around 4:45, so I thought that was weird but nothing else. After deciding on a movie to watch he told me he had an early Christmas present for me, but Christmas was a few days away so I told him I could wait and didn’t need it now. That sparked him being a little restless and I think made him more nervous, he couldn’t sit down. So I finally told him he could give me the gift early, and he basically dove onto the floor to ask me to marry him! Now we are happily married for 2 years and have a sweet little girl and fur baby together.”

Natasha & Michael

“Mike and I were dating for 2 years and knew we wanted to marry each other. We made a decision that we wanted to get married and started to plan our wedding. I wanted us to take engagement photos because we were unconventionally planning everything. So we agreed to take photos in his parent’s backyard. Because it was summer, the garden was full of beautiful flowers that gave our photos a romantic feel. But, leading up to the photos, I was perplexed because we were taking engagement photos without a ring. It felt so incomplete because we agreed to buy rings later on. Mike reassured me that the photos would come out nice despite the ring but I still had my doubts. Mike’s brother and his wife helped us take our photos in different spots of the yard. We eventually got to their childhood treehouse to pose in front of. There was a chalkboard hanging from it so we decided to write down things we liked about one another and capture the person’s reaction. Mike and I took turns writing down our favorite things about each other. On Mike’s final turn, he was writing the one phrase every girl dreams of hearing, “Will You Marry Me?” I turned around and smiled at the chalkboard because it was a sweet gesture but didn’t realize that Mike was down on one knee holding a ring. I gasped because I was confused and dropped to the ground in disbelief and shock. I immediately started crying because all along he had a ring for our photos but wanted to surprise me. It was the greatest moment of my life and I will never forget it. Now, I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. ”

Ashley & Michael

“After nearly losing our luggage on our first vacation together, I never would have imagined that Michael would chance bringing a ring on our next vacation to Mexico. But I was so wrong, and I’m glad I never saw it coming. On the beach with surprisingly no one else around at that very moment, our happily ever after happened. We are so grateful for Meaghan and Joe’s expertise and amazing customer service in designing my ring. We are customers for life and have celebrated so many huge life milestones since that moment with timeless pieces!”